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singin' ornette!!!

Mauro Negri - alto sax/clarinet

Furio Di Castri - bass

Enzo Zirilli - drums

“In taking on this most challenging of projects-- to sing the music of Ornette Coleman-- Barbara Raimondi has made it a triumph. Singing both wordlessly and with her own lyrics, she perfectly captures the bittersweet moods of Ornette's complex melodies. On a cd that contains many gems, I think "Is it forever" a masterpiece.”

Jim Mullen. London, February 2013

Kathelin Gray (O.Coleman/P.Metheny)
The blessing (O.Coleman)
Is it forever? (O.Coleman)featuring Ross Stanley

With Tony Kofi, Enzo Zirilli and Furio Di Castri at Revoice Festival in London

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